Fat Free Milk Promotes Weight Loss after Workout

Fat free milk is a smart choice to cool down after a workout because it promotes muscle growth and weight loss, a new study shows.

Women who are trying to get in shape and muscle up may be tempted to down protein drinks after their workout. However, a new study shows that women may have better results by drinking two large glasses of milk instead.

Researchers at McMaster University in Canada found that women who drank two large glasses of fat free milk gained more muscle and lost more weight than those who drank protein energy drinks after weight training.

Many women don’t realize the health benefits of resistance training, according to Dr. Stuart Phillips, professor of kinesiology at McMaster University.

“Resistance training is not a typical choice of exercise for women, but the health benefits of resistance training are enormous,” he said in a news release, adding that it not only boosts strength and bone health, but also increases metabolic health in a way that other exercise routines cannot.

The study analyzed young women who had not previously participated in resistance training. Participants were not allowed to eat and were only allowed to drink water for the two hours prior to exercising. After finishing their workout routines — which consisted of pushing, pulling and leg exercises — one group of women consumed 500ml of fat free milk while the other drank a sugar based energy drink.

Researchers were surprised by the amount of fat loss in the women who drank milk instead of the protein shake. Phillips said those who drank the milk barely gained weight and what they gained in lean muscle balanced the loss of fat.

According to Phillips, the study showed that “simple things, like regular weightlifting exercise and milk consumption, work to substantially improve women’s body composition and health.”

A previous study found that men who exercised and drank milk also gained muscle and lost fat. Researchers speculate that the Vitamin D may play a role but are exactly why fat free milk promotes weight loss and muscle growth, and more studies are in the works.

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