‘Fat’ Baby Starved By Parents?

A couple in Washington may face felony charges after allegedly starving their baby when she appeared to gain weight too rapidly.

A couple is facing charges after allegedly starving their baby daughter to prevent her from gaining too much weight.

Sources say Brittainy and Samuel Labberton of Bellevue, Washington, may be charged with felony mistreatment after starving their baby to avoid weight gain. Court documents say the mother starved the child for fear her baby would be fat, since the father had weight issues. This led to the child’s hospitalization at two months old, followed by an investigation into the parents, who said the child was simply a fussy eater. The baby was taken into foster care, but during a supervised visit, tests done showed laxative were being added to the baby formula.

The mother has admitted to suffering from postpartum depression with psychotic tendencies – and the father was convicted in 2003 of criminal trespass, and was arrested in June 2009 for domestic violence against his wife.

The infant remains in foster care. Right now, the Labbertons, who have two other children, have been permitted to visit them three times a week.

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2 Responses

  1. Kathy Fehlbaum

    There is always such a fine line between proper parenting and going WAY OUT IN LEFT FIELD. This family crossed it.

  2. Jennifer Renno

    ummm…. that line is not thin. Laxatives to a 2 month old. That isnt even a line, it is an entire football field.


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