Fast Food Format Failure for Fitness

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Fast Food Format Failure for Fitness

Here’s a shocker…kids tend to eat what their parents eat. A crack team of researchers at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research has determined that teens are more likely to eat a healthy diet if their parents do. On the other hand, kids whose elders favor a fast food diet are more likely to be junk food junkies themselves.

According to the California Health Interview Survey – a recent quiz of thousands of California teenagers – 43% of West Coast teens eat fast food every day, but only 38% eat their “daily five” – which are the five or more daily servings of fruits and vegetables that nutritionists recommend.
Researchers admit that the zillions of fast food restaurants in Southern California help lure many youngsters away from a healthy diet – but they say that parents can counter the siren song of hamburger-hawking clowns and fried-fish pirates by setting a good dietary example for their kids.
In short:  parents should eat the things they want their kids to eat, and avoid stuff they want their kids to avoid.

Modeling healthy eating habits, and giving them increased access to fruits, vegetables and other healthy fare, can go a long way toward helping teens make smarter food choices themselves.

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