Fad Diets Keeping Obesity Going?

Obesity rates could be fueled by the fad diet trend, according to a new survey.

apg_obesity_090720_mnDoctors in the United Kingdom are saying that many fad diets could be simply sustaining obesity rates.

The British Society of Gastroenterology, or BSG, conducted a survey among doctors who deal with obese patients. As in the States, there’s no shortage of diets these patients will try in hopes of a quick-fix weight loss. But, as with most fad diets throughout history, people who try them can’t live on them for long. At best they only get temporary results; at worst, they get health problems.

BSG President Chris Hawkey said the fad diet trend will only keep obesity rates where they are – since people either try diets that cause them to eat high amounts of fat, or they quit diets that are too strict and then they return to eating what made them obese in the first place.

So, what’s the best way to lose weight, short of bariatric surgery? Same as it ever was: Burning more energy than you take in, by increasing physical activity, and cutting back on calories.

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