Excess Body Fat Raises Risk Of Septic Shock

Excess body fat is of course harmful to your health, but new studies show its link to septic shock. Find out more on this week’s WLS News.

excess fatScientists find that some people with too much body fat may be at risk for septic shock. Researchers in Canada are studying a link between low levels of a hormone called adiponectin and a blood condition called sepsis.

The hormone is secreted by body fat that surrounds the abdominal organs. It may provide a level of anti-inflammatory protection. But, research shows that people who suffer from obesity and the metabolic syndrome related to it tend to develop low levels of adiponectin.

And so, without that protection, they can be at a high risk for sepsis, which is an inflammatory bodily state that starts in the blood. According to the Canadian study, obese patients are two-and-a-half to three times more at risk for this problem. Video plays below.

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