EndoBarrier: Gastric Bypass Substitute?

EndoBarrier may be a new alternative for those interested in gastric bypass surgery.  The device is designed to mimic the effects of gastric bypass without the need for a surgery the reroutes part of the intestine, a process that can be very dangerous for some patients.

A new product called the EndoBarrier, which recently received approval in Europe, promises people who struggle with morbid obesity an alternative to the typical weight loss surgery.

The Endobarrier is a type of sleeve or liner inserted endoscopically that creates a barrier inside the gastrointestinal wall, basically mimicking the effects of gastric bypass surgery by preventing the body from absorbing food until it reaches the lower bowel area. But, the device is designed to create this effect without the need for a surgery that reroutes parts of the intestine – a process that, for some patients, can be dangerous.

This new technique isn’t yet officially available in the United States. But so far, clinical trials have offered the EndoBarrier to hundreds of patients in the U.S. and overseas. Reportedly, test results have shown a considerable reduction in both body weight and diabetes symptoms. One 12-week study of 10 morbidly obese participants showed an average weight loss of 37 pounds, with only mild to moderate side effects.

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15 Responses

  1. Linda Edmontson

    Hi I would like to know how I can get the endobarrier fitted

  2. Willie Gary

    I would like information on where to go to have the procedure performed on me today, either in the states or in Europe.

  3. Rachel Allen

    I’d also like to have the procedure performed. How could I get involved in those clinical trials or private pay?

  4. Candice

    Hello, I am going through the process of bariatric surgery. Even though my insurance doesn’t cover it I have been praying for a miracle. I told this to my doctor today and he wrote down the word “Endobarrier”. I asked him what about and with much confidence he handed me the peice of paper and asked me to research on line and asked me to consider giving it a shot before I try bariatric surgery. I agreed and have hard time finding much information because its something not practiced it the U.S. Is this true ? If not can you tell me the places where “Endobarrier” is practiced in U.S.? Also how does the process work and where can I get more information on this procedure? If I have to go to Europe to have this done then how do I go through their process and how much does it cost??? I am looking forward for your answers to my questions. Thank you

  5. Candice

    Is there facilities that perform endobarrier surgery in the U.S. ?
    If so, where ??
    If not, where ??
    how to get more info on process of procedure?
    How much does it cost or free by trial ??

  6. alex3535

    endobarrier is not available yet in u.s.a. it was approved in europe and soon they will start to do the procedure. you cannot have it done unless you live with in miles of the surgical center where you have the procedure done. so if you do not live within 40 miles of the facility you can not have it done until it comes to your area. the reason is there is a special instrument that is used to install it. and if you have any problems and need it removed in an emergency situation and do not live near your surgery center you will need to be cut open to have it removed. if you live . that is the problem at this time no long term data is available to know the complications that can arise.

  7. Havens

    EndoBarrier Gastrointestinal Liner is available where and when?!… as it has been proven safe in trials, and given CE approval in Europe, it should be brought to market immediately to help relieve suffering and help stop the complications brought on by obesity and diabetes; it will be a gift for those who fear the effects of invasive, non-reversable surgery. From New Zealand 🙂

  8. manu

    I have written to the manufacturers – they do not write back saying where the procedure is available. terrible

  9. Manu

    Yes; the manufacturers are very rude in not replying. At least they can put up a note on the web site about its availibility and when it will be.

    Let there be some one giving them a little competition as in another manufacturer and they will come to their senses.

  10. sun

    Could ynyone who had endobarrier experience, tell us more about its side effects, and his or her overall experience with it.Many thanks. sun

  11. Vickie

    I would like to volunteer for a clinical trial in the United States of America.

  12. Willie Gary

    Is the ‘endobarrier’ now aavailable any where in the world at this time? Do anybody know? If it is why is the information being held back?

  13. Jo Stevenson

    It is available in 2 clinics in Santiago de Chile (Catholic University and Indisa Clinic) and 1 clinic in Viña del Mar also in Chile (Reñaca Clinic http://www.reñacaclinic.cl where I´am going to have the Endobarrier procedure done. It requires 1 year of follow up control by a diverse group of professionals such as nutricionist, psychologist, fisiotherapist, endocrinologist,etc…)It is already approved in Chile (several trial studies here by Alex Escalona M.D.), Australia and Europe. In USA still is in investigative stage.

  14. T

    When asked, Dr knows nothing about this Endobarrier procedure whats wrong with them iv known for a year,where have they been? I couldnt get on trials as i live to far away. The Drs surgery dont want to help their patients. So Sad.

  15. Denny Soto

    I would like to know if a studie or trial comes to Idaho as I would be very interested to maybe be a part of this. thanks