DNA Forecasts Future Obesity

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DNA Forecasts Future Obesity

Researchers from Imperial College London, the French National Research Institute CNRS, and other medical institutions compiled the results of a decade-long European obesity study, which indicates that it may be possible to identify kids prone to obesity by looking at their DNA. This would allow parents and doctors to provide preventative treatment for children who show a high probability of becoming obese later in life.

The report identified three genetic variations in children that seem to be linked to weight problems. Researchers believe the first variant may be responsible for up to a THIRD of all childhood obesity, and the second may influence appetite. The THIRD variant controls the production of the hormones and certain amino acids that strongly affect the metabolism and a person’s ability to feel “full” after eating. Scientists believe this variant may account for 6 percent of early-onset obesity in children, and 16 percent of adult morbid obesity.

But, it’s still a little early to rush the kiddos to the lab for DNA testing. The researchers of the study point out that whatever impact DNA may have on your kids’ weight, it’s no excuse for allowing them to lead an unhealthy lifestyle. Feeding your kids an 800-calorie drive through mega-jiggly-meal four times a week is bad for them no matter what their genes say.

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