Diet Soda Is Not Helping Obesity Epidemic

Diet soda is not much better for you than regular soda, according to a new study, and could be harmful to your kidneys. Learn more in this report from WLS News.

diet sodaNumerous studies have blamed soda for helping spread the obesity epidemic, but there’s new information showing that diet soda isn’t all that wonderful either.

Diet soda may not add calories, but researchers in Boston have found that the sodium and artificial sweeteners in diet sodas may lead to a decline in kidney function.

The researchers studied the effects of sodium and artificial sweeteners on more than 3,200 women. They found that during the course of the study, 372 of them suffered a decline in kidney function of at least 30 percent. These were women who drank at least two diet soft drinks a day.

Among the women who drank less than that, the researchers couldn’t find a link to kidney problems. And so, although your waistline may benefit from all those diet sodas in the long term, your kidneys may suffer as a result. Video plays below.

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