Diabetes Risk May Be Reduced by Coffee and Tea

Diabetes risk can be reduced by up to 7 percent with a daily cup of coffee according to new research.  The benefits of coffee and tea appeared evident in spite of other lifestyle factors, which may mean that antioxidants in both drinks have protective qualities.

If you enjoy a cup of joe as part of your morning routine, we have good news. Researchers at the University of Sydney in Australia have found that both coffee and tea may be strong weapons against diabetes.

Coffee has been both blamed for heart attacks and credited for protecting parts of the body against cancer. Whether it’s beneficial to your health depends on who you ask. But now, new research shows that each daily cup of coffee or tea may also reduce a person’s risk of Type 2 diabetes by up to 7 percent – whether or not it has caffeine.

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The new report is based on data from more than 30 other studies that involved almost a million participants. The researchers say the benefits of coffee and tea appeared evident in spite of other lifestyle factors. This may mean that there’s something biologically powerful within coffee and tea – such as antioxidants – that can be protective.

But why only 7 percent? The reason may be that since these chemicals don’t last in the body very long, it takes several cups a day for them to make a serious difference.

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