Diabetes Drug Could Help With Weight Loss

Diabetes drug victoza could help with weight loss, a new study shows. Find out more on this week’s WLS News.

diabetes drugA new drug designed for diabetics may also help obese people shed extra weight.

Victoza, an injection that launched in Britain last July, prevents Type 2 diabetics from suffering low blood sugar. But, a recent study compared Victoza to a weight loss pill called Orlistat – and found that the obese volunteers lost more weight by using the diabetes drug.

Victoza functions by making patients feel more full after they eat and by slowing down how quickly their stomachs empty food. The new injection reportedly also lowers blood pressure.

It’s still being tested for widespread use in Britain. But since many obese people also suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure, Victoza may prove victorious over all three problems. Video plays below

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