Diabetes and Obesity In Young People Linked To High-Fat Diet

Diabetes and obesity in young people is now linked to how muscles handle a high-fat diet. Watch to find out more on this week’s Weight Loss Surgery News.

fat girls walkingResearchers at McMaster University in Ontario have found that obesity and diabetes among young people may begin with how their muscles handle a high-fat diet.

Study findings indicate that when young people consume a very high-fat diet, this can eventually give their muscles more fuel to burn than they can handle. Once muscle ability declines, the body is less able to use fat or glucose as fuel.

This not only leads to extra weight, but also high levels of blood sugar that can cause Type 2 diabetes. Current statistics show that in Canada, nearly 2.5 million people are diabetic.

Nearly six million are pre-diabetic. Without any treatment, 25 percent of the pre-diabetics will become diabetic in the next three to five years. To curb the trend, researchers recommend that young people who are obese and pre-diabetic should get early treatment.

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