Cancer Rates Among Obese People Continue to Rise

Cancer rates among people who are obese continue to rise, new studies indicate. Watch this week’s WLS News to find out more.

obesity linked to cancerA new study indicates that obesity causes more than 100,000 cases of cancer each year.

The American Institute for Cancer Research has connected more than 30,000 annual cases of breast cancer and nearly 14,000 cases of kidney cancer to an excess of body fat. Michael Thun of the American Cancer Society said he expects to see even more cancers tied to obesity as research continues.

Why cancer? Research suggests that becoming obese can raise insulin, which can affect cancer cell growth. Obesity can also raise estrogen, which can increase cancer rates among women. And, obese people who develop acid reflux can damage the esophagus, giving rise to esophageal cancer.

The factors are many but the song remains the same: healthy eating and regular physical activity is often the best disease prevention money doesn’t buy. Video plays below.

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