Burn Fat With Whole Grain Carbs

Burn fat with carbs? While it may seem like a long shot, a new British study shows that eating whole-grain carbohydrates can be helpful in burning fat.

whole-grain carbsResearchers from Northumbria University in England examined the difference between the effects of refined carbs and whole-grain carbs.

Refined carbs are found in soda and processed foods. Whole-grain carbs are what you get in fruits, vegetables and some breads, cereals and pasta.

They found that women who ate whole-grain cereal and then went for a walk burned twice as much fat as women who ate cereal made from refined carbs.

According to the researchers, the refined kind break down quickly in the body and cause an insulin spike, which slows down metabolism. But, whole-grain carbs, which break down more slowly, help keep insulin levels lower, which allows fat to burn faster.

Based on the study findings, choosing whole-grain foods and avoiding foods that are high in refined carbohydrates can keep your metabolism humming along.

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