British Study Examines Obesity and Muscles

A new British study is researching how much obesity affects a person’s muscles. But, just how damaging can it be? FatyEatChipsREX_468x311A team of researchers in the UK hope to find out exactly how damaging obesity can be to our muscles.

An academic team at the University of Nottingham is currently recruiting two groups of healthy and obese volunteers. In both groups, they will examine the rates of synthesis and breakdown of muscle proteins. They will look at this in combination with the rate of carbohydrate corrosion. The goal is to see how these rates differ in obese people. They will also study muscle biopsies.

The researchers say they hope their results will help determine whether obesity can lead to inflammation or loss of muscle function.

They say if they can find the answers, the wider scientific community can use the information to research certain diseases.

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