Bariatric Surgery Reduces Cancer Chances, Study Says

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Bariatric Surgery Reduces Cancer Chances, Study Says

In our next story, we recently reported on the positive effect that weight loss surgery can have on reducing the risk of ovarian cancer in older women. Now it appears the same benefits hold true for younger women, as well.  In San Antonio, TX, a team of researchers has presented evidence that bariatric surgery may help reduce the rates of several different kinds of cancers for women of all ages.

The study compared cancer rates between a group of women who underwent weight loss surgery and another group of obese women who did not opt for surgery. At the end of the study, 3.6% of the weight loss surgery patients developed some form of cancer, versus 5.8% of the participants who did not have surgery.

Interestingly, lead researcher Dr. Susan Modesitt noted that both groups of obese women with endometrial, breast, ovarian or colorectal cancers were younger at diagnosis compared with the mean ages from the state’s Cancer Registry for each type of cancer.

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