Bariatric Surgery Predictions for 2010

Bariatric surgery predictions for 2010 are out from the editors at the Consumer Guide to Bariatric Surgery.  Among the top ten trends they foresee are a rise in bariatric surgeries, with more diabetic and teenage patients going under the knife despite the shaky economy.

The increase in obesity means a rise in bariatric surgeries for 2010, with more diabetic and teenage patients going under the knife.

That’s according to the editors at the Consumer Guide to Bariatric Surgery, who recently assembled their list of the top ten trends in weight loss surgery they foresee in 2010.

Among their other predictions, they believe…

  • The total number of weight loss surgeries in 2009 may be more than 2008, but not by much, due to the shaky economy this past year.
  • The number of surgeons performing incision-free bariatric surgeries, such as the transoral gastroplasty procedure, will increase.
  • Cosmetic surgery procedures, such as the corset trunkplasty, will help bariatric patients achieve a better figure after they lose their weight. The new procedure can eliminate loose skin right above the belly button, providing women with an hourglass figure and ridding male patients of love handles.
  • Single-incision gastric banding procedures will increase. More surgeons are expected to use a technique for gastric banding that requires only one eight-centimeter incision rather than four or five. This means the patient will heal more quickly and experience less scarring.

Time will tell whether these and other predictions actually come to pass in the New Year.

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  1. Jenny

    I am waiting – 29th of Jan the Genesis Medical Aid in SA will be sitting as a board and making a decision on my surgery – at this moment all my motivation is in, but if I can be provided with any other motivation that would assist I would appreciate it – Dr Potgieter is one of 3 doctors in SA who do this operation (to my knowledge) and is well known – I have my doubts that they will approve an ex-gratia payment – but desperately need to have this op – My BMI being 58


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