Bariatric Surgeon, Hospital Hit with Class‐Action Suit

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Bariatric Surgeon, Hospital Hit with Class?Action Suit

In our next story, Dr. Jacobo Joffe, a prominent Canadian weight-loss surgeon who last year lost his license for sexually abusing several patients, now faces a $10 million class-action lawsuit filed against him and his former employer, Toronto’s Scarborough Hospital.

In December 2008, Joffe pleaded no contest to sexual abuse accusations at a disciplinary hearing of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

His four accusers, all women, claimed that he pressured them into having sexual relations with him over a period of ten years. The College revoked Joffe’s license to practice and ordered him to pay the victims a total of 40,000 Canadian dollars – about $33,000 in U.S. currency – in compensation.

The case, to be heard in Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice, was filed by a woman and former patient of Joffe. It claims that Scarborough Hospital “knew or should have known” about Joffee’s crimes and violations of human rights.

Joffe has not been convicted of any crime under law.

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  1. Maria

    This doctor practices in Mexico because he has a partner down there. He must be convicted… he is a criminal….. I WILL REPORT THIS IN MEXICO RIGHT AWAY, AND HE WONT BE ABLE TO PRACTICE MEDICINE ANYMORE!! SON OF A BITCH

  2. Darla

    I am a Former female Patient which recieved VBG weightloss surgury in 2001 and was in my 20’s when my weight started to come off feeling sexy for the first time in many years. I have nothing but Good to say about Dr. Joffe. For this weight loss surgury saved my Life! It’s mind blow that grown woman in todays world aren’t able to make desision within their own lifes. And then blaming others! If he did sleep with any of these woman, Did he do it alone? And whats wrong with this picture,all this years? What were they looking for?
    I know more good stories of him saving and helping people. One woman named Rita, who’s husband was dying of cancer and had only a few months to live, She was a mother of 4 over(350-lbs)and totaly unhealthy everyone knows Dr. Joffe waiting list was over 5years long, he did her within a month. Her husband died 3 months later. Today 2009, she is Healthy and Happy I just went to her 50th Birthday Party just another patient that’s thankful towards Dr. Joffe I know hundreds/thousands that are thankful
    And regarding this 1st comment above mine. Dr. Joffe in all the years I’ve been a patient know that he did surgury in Mexico for weightloss because when your overweight and unhealthy can’t wait or don’t wish too. For surgury of 5 or more years of waiting list for Canada OHIP to cover, If you have the momey,you would glady pay and lots of people did and still do today. Best of Luck Dr. Joffe

  3. Paul

    I am a recent patient of Dr. Jaffe who did my gastric sleve surgery in April 2010. I have nothing but great things to say about himm as a surgeon. I have a video of my operation and it seems to me that his pair of hands are one in a million everytime I view it. I had no side eefects and at the 90 day mark, I have losed a total of 55 pounds. I knew about his past history but I decided that we all make mistakes as human beings and that I wanted the best pair of hands on earth and those my friends are Dr. Jaffe’s.


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