Bariatric Chef Dave Fouts Debuts with Pouch-Friendly Recipes

Chef Dave Fouts, the world’s first bariatric chef, steps into the spotlight on The Weight Loss Surgery Channel with the first episode of Eating Right Every Bite!

Each installment of Chef Dave’s new twice-monthly cooking show will feature lip-smackin’, pouch-friendly recipes that are packed with nutrients and kind to your waistline. For his grand debut, Chef Dave whips up a trio of cool and refreshing summer salads, including a grilled chicken and pecan salad, a spinach salad with strawberry vinaigrette, and a scrumptious watermelon salad for dessert. Click the link below the video player to print out a PDF of all three recipes!

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Hungry yet? Click here to download recipes from this episode!

30 Responses

  1. Yvonne McCarthy

    Great first episode Chef Dave! I’m looking forward to many more…but now I gotta go tell some WLS peeps about your show!!
    hugs, Yvonne
    aka Bariatric Girl

  2. mm

    Chef Dave – we share the same hair-do. (Okay, going back to watch and get huuuungry.)

  3. Laure

    Excellent episode! I loved every recipe, especially the grilled chicken pecan salad, and look forward to the next installment.


  4. mm

    1st recipe – 1 cup mayo – looked really like 2 ounces or 1/4 cup mayo. Just noted his tiiiiiny little bowl, 2 ounce bowl.

  5. Katie Jay

    Chef Dave!

    Congratulations on your show. Loved it. I’d say more, but I’m off to the grocery store to buy the ingredients for the grilled chicken pecan salad :o).

    Way to go, my friend.

    Katie Jay
    Director, NAWLS

  6. Amy Olmsted

    Thanks Chef Dave! Congrats on your first show! Love the watermellon lesson. I look forward to watching and learning more!

  7. LDH

    Congratulations & Thank You, Thank YOU! This is so wonderful & needed. I love everything about WLSchannel. The only thing I would suggest is – it needs to be advertised more broadly. I found out from an email you sent from being a member on your site. My support groups weren’t aware of it either. Now they are & I’ll let as many as possible know. Looking forward to really using all this good info & resources to help me stay on track. I’m at a crossroad in my life and my 2yr post surgery, this is just what I need. Excited & looking forward to everything to come. Chef Dave I met you in Feb at the lightenup expo & you were very encouraging and real. You are a godsend.
    Continued Success & Thanks again.

  8. Ann

    Congratulations Chef Dave!!!!!!! Thank you so much for creating healthy dishes those of us on the journey of healthy living thru weight loss. I’m going to make the watermelon salad as my covered dish for the work luncheon (sneaking a little healthy eating onto my co-workers)

  9. Linda

    What a great addition to the Weight Loss Surgery Channel-Good recipes and such a fun presentation. I will try all three salads and plan to recommend your segment to my support group members. Way to go Dave and WLS Channel!

  10. Karen

    Great show! I have not had my surgery yet, but my friend did and she turned me onto this website! Can I substitute tomatoes for the bell pepper?

  11. Chef Dave

    Thanks everybody for your comments!

    Yvonne *** it was great getting to know you at ASMBS this year thanks for the compliments on the show.

    Laura *** Thanks*** wait for episode TWO even more healthy recipes and more easy tips!

    Katie Jay *** Maybe I can make these at the retreat your having in October

  12. Yvonne McCarthy

    Thanks Chef Dave for the kind words. I want to tell everyone that may not know you personally that you are the real thing…a good man and passionate about what you do. It’s a great venue for more people to find out about the man called Chef Dave so it’s a good thing to stay tuned in to your show!
    Many blessings, Yvonne (aka Bariatric Girl)

  13. Chef Dave

    More responses to your questions and comments…

    Amy *** The watermelon tip was a must in the first show. It is summer after all! Just by learning a few cutting techniques prep goes so much easier…

    LDH ***The Weight Loss Surgery Cahnnel has been up since the begiining of the year…Tell all your friends! As for how you can help I’m open for suggetions, your right…this is the best website for WLS anywhere!!!

    Linda*** Thanks for the support and the compliments…

    Karen*** Congrats on your decision I now it was not an easy one to make. It only took me two years to finally make my desicion to have Gastric Bypass…Best thing I ever did for myself! As for tomatoes for red bell pepper, you can but it will change the taste and the texture to the recipe.

  14. Chef Dave

    I want to know why the peanuts in the air on a plane taste better then the ones I buy from the grocery store!!!

  15. Kathyann Bodell

    LOVED the watermelon salad – I made it this morning for my coworkers for lunch….. I wasn’t too sure about adding the green onions at first, but WOW you were right about what it does with the watermelon and strawberries. I’m looking forward to watching you more – Thanks again.

  16. Chef Dave

    Thanks for the compliments..It is one of my favorite salads! However, I can’t wait for you to see the other shows they are packed with lots of cool tips and tricks. Let me know what you think…

    Cook Smart…
    Chef Dave

  17. Traci

    Chef Dave-

    I LOVED this first episode! I can’t wait to try out the grilled chicken salad ans share it with my weight loss surgery friends. Great job and I look forward to seeing your future episodes..


    I loved this episode, when it the next one? I can’t wait to get more delicious recipes to try. I have shared them with friends and WLS family.
    Great job and keep those recipes coming.

  19. Chef Dave

    A new show will air every two weeks. I had a blast filming these first eight and I and the WLS Channel are beginning to work on the next 8(or ten)!

    Cook Smart…

    Chef Dave Fouts


    Thanks for the great initial episode. As a newbie, it would be helpful if you would post the portion size and the calorie/protein amounts.

  21. Melana

    I am such a foodie and love to cook – so happy to see this segment. Downloaded the recipies – pictures would be nice.

  22. Connie

    Am going to make the Chicken Pecan Salad for a girls night out…not a fan of onions, is there a sub or can I just do without???

  23. Jennifer W

    Awesome first episode Dave! I look forward to trying the chicken salad- what I find being almost 4 years out is boredom with protein and this is a change!
    Looking forward to more from you- smiles!

    Jenn W

  24. Teena Adler

    Love love love the show. I wish this was around when I had my surgery in 2003.

    I loved the salads.

    You are just what the WLS world needed.

    Thank you for your insight and positive attitude.

    I hope you success with the show and keep the fabulous recipes coming.

    Will you be doing any recipes with turkey in the future?

    Have an absolutely fabulous day!!!!!

    Teena Adler


  25. Chef Dave Fouts

    We have only scratched the surface as for what the show will be cooking. I think I’m seeing turkey in the very near future….

  26. Debbi D

    Love the show. Enjoyed your presentation in Seattle. My only question “What are the servings for each recipe?” Keep up the great work. Debbi

  27. Leeci

    Great show! Looking forward to more! Thanks so much for the great recipes, and for sharing your story and your life with us!

  28. Misty

    I would like to know the amounts or protein and calories in each recipe?