Bad Diets Can Alter Stomach Bacteria For The Worse

Bad diets can alter stomach bacteria — leading to a big belly. Find out more on this week’s WLS News.

stomach bacteriaAmerican scientists say they’re finding reasons – beyond the obvious – that foods full of fat and sugar can lead to a big belly.

There’s new research to suggest that a high-fat and high-sugar diet can go beyond adding calories and can also alter the bacteria in the human stomach. And this can lead to weight gain.

Bacteria currently being called “human gut flora” may prove to be an active factor in America’s obesity trend. Scientists tested this idea on mice, inserting the human bacteria into their intestines.

When they fed the mice a high-fat and high-sugar diet, they saw an immediate change in their internal structure. The mice quickly showed an increase in body fat and the kinds of bacteria that are linked to becoming obese. Video plays below.

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