Aussie Kids Resist Government Weight Loss Program

More than half the childcare centers in the state of South Australia are backing away from the state Health Department’s obesity-fighting initiative, complaining that the program is just too difficult to put into practice.

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South Australia’s Start Right Eat Right campaign was designed and enacted in 2005 in the hope of cutting the amount of fatty and sweet foods served up at the childcare centers.  Accredited child care centers are only allowed to serve fatty and sweet foods once a week, and they are obligated to serve vegetarian meals twice a week.

And birthday cake is right out. Fruit with candles attached are the government-mandated substitute.

Ah, the best laid plans of mice and government bureaucrats! Although Start Right Eat Right was backed by the best scientific data and good intentions galore, it’s just not catching on. Fewer than one half of South Australia’s childcare centers have been accredited under the plan’s requirements including those at two of the state’s largest hospitals. Most of the ones who chose not to participate said the plan was simply too strict.

Others preferred their own homegrown anti-obesity programs.

Now, we’re all for making sure kids eat plenty of healthy food. But, c’mon, fruit with candles in lieu of birthday cake? That’s bordering on child abuse.

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