Asthma: Another Risk For Obesity?

Asthma is likely to be a risk of obesity, a new study shows. Watch this week’s Weight Loss Surgery News to find out more. Video in article below.

asthma2A recent study has found a link between obesity and asthma among women.

The California Teachers Study examined more than 88,000 women and showed an increased occurrence of asthma in those who were obese or extremely obese. Specifically, asthma rates were high among women with excessive fat around the waist.

Findings indicate carrying too much extra weight can create more work for a person’s airways. But, some doctors say it’s also plausible that abdominal fat is more biologically active than other kinds, since it has been linked to heart disease and diabetes.

They say that excess fat around the waist area could have an inflammatory effect on parts of the body, including the lungs. Video plays below.

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