The Weight Loss Surgery Channel is the world’s first television network devoted exclusively to the weight loss surgery community. Our goal is to provide information, encouragement and support to people considering bariatric surgery, as well as post-operative weight loss surgery patients and their family, friends and caregivers.

Many people who are considering or have had weight loss surgery may be uncomfortable calling their doctor or attending a support group. But, for patients to have long-term success, they need to understand not only the physical changes, but also the emotional and psychological changes that lie ahead after obesity surgery. Our goal is to bring the information and support to them—in their home, at their job, wherever we can reach them—so they can get the help they need. Because the network is offered online, viewers can tune into programs 24/7 to gain encouragement and insight wherever they are.

Of course, the Weight Loss Surgery Channel is not meant to replace the advice of medical professionals. Viewers are reminded to always consult a medical professional before making any decisions about  bariatric surgery or any other form of surgery.

For more information about our programming and our faculty, or to share your own weight loss surgery story, please email us at info [at] wlschannel [dot] com.